Redefining Sustainability By Harnessing The Sun

Make the switch to solar energy and join the renewable energy revolution, harnessing the power of the sun.

Our Services

Solar System, Design, and Installation

Looking to start a solar project for your personal use, business, or community? Our solar solutions which include solar panels, solar streetlights, solar boreholes, and installation are fit for your needs.

Security Surveillance System

Our security surveillance systems provide comprehensive monitoring solutions tailored to meet your specific security needs.

Oil and Gas Equipment Leasing

With our equipment, you can increase optimization and improve the effectiveness on your project.

Consultancy and Management

With our experts, solutions for the seamless execution of your venture are assured

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What We Do

We are an Indigenous Renewable Energy/ Security/ Oil and Gas Equipment Company offering cutting-edge solutions to the energy and security sectors. Our expertise includes renewable energy solutions like solar, solar panel designs and installation, advanced security systems, and high-quality oil and gas equipment lease. We prioritize sustainability, innovation, and local community support, driving progress and positive impact. Our team of experts is committed to excellence, ensuring client satisfaction and a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future.

Our Story

Founded with a vision for redefining sustainability, Sprintquest Energy Services LTD. is an Indigenous company rooted in integrity and excellence, duly registered in accordance wit the laws of Nigeria. With a focus on renewable energy and cutting-edge technology, we empower Indigenous communities and prioritize environmental impact. Adapting to change, we lead the way in the energy and security sectors, creating a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

We’ve Been Providing Solar Solution For Over 5 Years

At Sprintquest Energy Services LTD. our commitment to redefining sustainability and renewable energy has driven us to provide top-notch solar solutions for over five years. We take pride in our journey of empowering homes, businesses, and communities with clean and reliable solar energy. With our extensive experience and expertise, we continue to pave the way toward a brighter future for all. We are proud of our accomplishments in empowering homes, businesses, and communities with clean and sustainable energy solutions. Together, let’s create a world powered by the sun!

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Solar Journey

In Three Steps

Choose A Preferred Package

We have quite a number of packages to suit your needs and we are certain that you’ll find one. Talk to our expert if you are not sure, we are ready to help you.

Review Quote

Your order will be processed based on the chosen package. Equipment, logistics, and installation costs will then be added up.

Approval, Payment and Installation

After confirmation and payment, the equipment will be sent to you and our technical Team will reach out to you to schedule installation.

Why You Should Choose Solar

Noise Cancellation

Now you can say goodbye to the noise that comes from your generator whenever there is a power outage. Solar energy is silent.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy produces no greenhouse gas emissions, air pollutants, or other harmful byproducts, unlike fossil fuels. By using solar power, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and help combat climate change.

Low Operating Costs

Solar systems generally have low maintenance costs once installed. With no fuel to purchase and minimal moving parts, they tend to be reliable and require little ongoing maintenance.

Renewable and Sustainable

Solar energy comes from the sun, which is an abundant and inexhaustible energy source. As long as the sun exists, we can harness its energy, making it a sustainable choice for the long term.

Our Client Testimonials

SprintQuest is verifiably the best with quality and affordable services, exceptional customer relations, very neat Job. I love the quality of thier products and services, with SprintQuest i enjoy 24/7 uninterrupted power, I’m definitely coming back for upgrade. Keep it up.
Caleb Kudaru

Test and trusted company with outstanding reputation, using original and lasting products with great customer service.
Henry Amos

SprintQuest Energy services ltd is an outstanding Oil&Gas/ Renewable energy services company with a great work force. As the lead service manager I enjoy the intellectual environment and profound services we offer at SQES.
Umukoro Edafe

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Ready to Start Enjoying Uninterruptible Power?

Our experience delivering projects testifies for us. We have years of experience providing both business and residential customers with high-quality, cost-effective solar systems. We will give you a complete price that includes information such as the project cost, warranty information, and the anticipated lifespan of your solution among others.

About Us

We are an indigenous Renewable Energy/ Security/ Oil and Gas Equipment Company focused on building and sustaining transformational stakeholders’ value through the provision of quality services in Nigeria.

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